Why are my links breaking?


If you’re seeing broken or misdirected links in your MailChimp campaign, check out some common causes of this behavior that we’ve outlined below.

The link was formatted improperly.

If web links in your campaign didn’t begin with the proper http:// or https:// protocol, they may have broken once click tracking was added. For example:

Correct: http://www.yourdomain.com
Incorrect: www.yourdomain.com  This link is missing the http://
Incorrect: http:www.yourdomain.com  This link is missing the two forward slashes after “http:”

If you’ve enabled Google Analytics, ECommerce360, ClickTale, or Goooal tracking, improperly formatted links can also cause issues.

Our system will make sure your links are formatted correctly if you’re using MailChimp’s link building tools. However, if you’re providing custom HTML content, you or your designer will be responsible for verifying that your link formatting is correct.

When adding these link tracking methods to your campaigns, always test your campaignthoroughly. We even recommend sending a live version of your campaign to a segment of your listthat includes just your email address(es) or to a test list you’ve set up in the account.

Query string values aren’t being accepted.

Some of our available link tracking features utilize query strings to pass information about a specific campaign back to your MailChimp reports or to a 3rd party service or plugin. When using these various link tracking methods, you’ll first want to ensure that your website has been configured to accept these parameters.

If Google Analytics tracking was enabled for your campaign, you’ll need to make sure that your website has been set up to handle these Google Analytics parameters:


If you’re not sure whether your website is configured to handle these strings, forward this information to your webmaster to verify and troubleshoot further. Otherwise, you’ll want to disable the additional tracking method(s) being used for the MailChimp campaign.

Links are getting redirected to http://www.mailchimp.com/page/mcsv/.

We’ve seen this happen when an email passes through a very aggressive spam filter (i.e. corporate or educational). The spam filter is trying to avoid phishing or other types of potential attacks by breaking our tracking code and disallowing redirects.

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