The HTML text formatting


HTML  uses formatting tags to give browser the command on how texts should appear on your webpage. Commonly used tags are <b> and <i> which stand for bold and italic, respectively.

Preformatted text tags are used to control the line breaks and spaces. It is good for displaying computer code. It is done with the following command:


This is

preformatted text.

It preserves      both spaces

and line breaks.


<p>The pre tag is good for displaying computer code: </p>



for i = 1 to 10

print i

next i



To format an address portion and an associated email address, do this HTML tags :

 And you’ll get this outcome:

a defined contact information
a defined contact information

To present abbreviations and acronyms,


Wherein the title attribute is used to show the spelled-out version when mousing over the acronym or abbreviation.

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