What is Time Warp and how do I use it?


Time Warp is a campaign scheduling feature available for all paid accounts (monthly or pay as you go) that allows you to select a delivery time, and have your campaign delivered to recipients at that time, in their time zone.

Instead of sending campaigns all at once, Time Warp delivers incrementally to each time zone making it easy to get your email into inboxes at more optimal times (when recipients are more likely to open and click).

If you’re in the Eastern time zone of the U.S. but have subscribers on the west coast, and schedule delivery for 9am Eastern, your California subscribers would normally receive it at 6am in their time zone, which may not be ideal. With TimeWarp, if we know they’re in California, we’ll delay sending to them until it’s 9am Pacific time!

How do I schedule a campaign using TimeWarp?

    1. On the last step of the campaign builder, click the Schedule button to open the scheduling options.
    2. Select a date and time for delivery.

Because of time zone differences, if you’re using Time Warp, make sure to choose a time at least 24 hours in advance.

  1. Choose the Send with Time Warp radio button.
  2. Click Schedule.

    time warp
    time warp

How do you determine my subscriber’s locations?

We gather the IP addresses of your list members through the IP address reported when they sign up for your newsletter or when they open or click a campaign. We use the location of that IP address to determine a location for each list member. The location/IP address should modify itself, if the recipient reliably changes location.

If someone didn’t sign up for your list (maybe you imported them or manually added them to your list) and hasn’t opened a campaign, we won’t have a location for them. In that instance, they’ll be assigned to the time zone for your account. If you need to check your account time zone, head to Account > My Defaults.

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